Shane McGinty (71p)
Niall Grace (84)



Institute stretched their unbeaten league run to ten games with victory over Annagh United.

Both goals came after the break when, first, Shane McGinty converted from the spot after Jamie McIntyre had been upended by Mark Stewart.

Then, with six minutes remaining, Niall Grace doubled Institute's lead with an unstoppable drive into the top left corner from the edge of the box.

Annagh United: Robinson, White, Campbell, Stewart, Allen, Craig, A. Smith, Park, A. Nesbitt, McCordick, Neale subs Riddle (replaced Campbell 33), Keegan (replaced A. Nesbitt 66), Whitten (not used), Anderson (replaced A. Smith 75), Rae (not used)

Institute: Gallagher, Roddy, Hume, Scoltock, McDermott, C. Harkin, Grace, A. Harkin, Brown, McGinty, McCrudden subs Dunne (replaced Hume 88), McIntyre (replaced Roddy 66), O'Donnell (replaced A. Harkin 66), McMenamin (not used), Lynch (not used)

Referee: Ally Burns

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