Ryan Deans (11)
Sammy Devine (13)
Ryan Deans (35)


James McIlhagga (39)
Sean Southam (53)



The Welders made a bright start against the Whites and were two goals up in 13 minutes through Ryan Deans and Sammy Devine.

Even with five regulars missing due to injury the home side totally bossed the first half and it came as no surprise when Deans made it three after 35 minutes.

A silly defensive error let the visitors into the game when James McIlhagga netted six minutes from the break.

The second half saw the visitors take over as the attacking team with the Welders losing their first half composure and indeed looking a completely different side.

The opposition were pushing on and allied to that, the uncertainty in the Welders side was evident.

The second goal for the visitors came through Sean Southam after 53 minutes.

With Lisburn Distillery looking for another goal it was relief for the home team to hear the final whistle.

HW Welders: Dougherty, McMillan, W. Armstrong, Dickson, McMurray, Simpson, Deans, Devine, Magennis, McLellan, Middleton subs Rainey (replaced McLellan 68), M. Armstrong (replaced Devine 80), Harris (not used), Galbraith (not used)

Lisburn Distillery: McBride, Kirgan, Young, Morton, Nixon, Kopyt, McIlhagga, O'Connor, Doyle, Smyth, Southam subs Bingham (not used), Morrison (not used), Short (not used), White (replaced Southam 71), Withers (replaced Smyth 46)

Referee: Ally Burns

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