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style="line-height: 1.3em;">A NUMBER of previously postponed Belfast Telegraph Championship 2 games have been re-arranged as follows:-

Wednesday, 27th March, 2013 (kick-off 7:45pm)
Ballyclare Comrades v. Banbridge Town
Queens University v. Ballymoney United
Wakehurst v. Knockbreda

Tuesday, 2nd April, 2013 (kick-off 7:45pm unless stated)
Armagh City v. Ballyclare Comrades
Knockbreda v. Chimney Corner (6:30pm)
Lurgan Celtic v. Ballymoney United (6:30pm)
Portstewart v. Banbridge Town (6:30pm)
Sport & Leisure Swifts v. Glebe Rangers (6:30pm)
Wakehurst v. Killymoon Rangers

Tuesday, 9th April, 2013 (7:45pm)
Annagh United v. Killymoon Rangers (6:45pm)
Armagh City v. Glebe Rangers
PSNI v. Knockbreda (6:45pm)
Wakehurst v. Lurgan Celtic

Tuesday, 16th April, 2013 (kick-off 6:45pm)
Chimney Corner v. Glebe Rangers
Knockbreda v. Banbridge Town
Lurgan Celtic v. Sport & Leisure Swifts
Queens University v. PSNI

Thursday, 18th April, 2013 (kick-off 6:45pm)
Lurgan Celtic v. Wakehurst

Saturday, 20th April, 2013 (kick-off 3pm)
Banbridge Town v. Ballymoney United
Killymoon Rangers v. Annagh United
Knockbreda v. Ballyclare Comrades
Lurgan Celtic v. Glebe Rangers
Moyola Park v. Wakehurst
Queens University v. Portstewar
Sport & Leisure Swifts v. Armagh City

Tuesday, 23rd April, 2013 (kick-off 7:45pm unless stated)
Ballyclare Comrades v. Armagh City
Banbridge Town v. Lurgan Celtic (7pm)
Knockbreda v. Glebe Rangers (7pm)
Queens University v. Killymoon Rangers

In addition, please note the following fixtures originally scheduled for Saturday, 20th April will now be played on Saturday, 27th April 2013:

Saturday, 27th April, 2013 (kick-off 3pm)
Ballymoney United v. Annagh United
Banbridge Town v. Killymoon Rangers
Knockbreda v. Wakehurst
Lurgan Celtic v. Armagh City
Moyola Park v. Chimney Corner
PSNI v. Ballyclare Comrades
Queens University v. Glebe Rangers
Sport & Leisure Swifts v. Portstewart

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