31 May 2019

Larne Football Club is delighted to launch the new update to their club badge.

As our club heads towards its 130th Anniversary, it has never been in better health. Inver Park has been transformed into a venue we can all use seven days a week and a venue of which we can all be proud. Led by Tiernan Lynch, we have a playing staff to match, as they delivered the Inver Reds’ first league title since 1972 and first Senior trophy since 1987. Last season was a special record-breaking year, which will never be forgotten at the club.

To mark this special era in the club’s history, we have modernised our club badge with the aim of emphasising everything that is important to us. The old design, which dates back to the 1970s has served the club well. The playing shirts often carried a circular version of that design throughout the 90s and early 2000s. We have now updated that design as we aim to compete at the next level, in this our 130th anniversary season.

The badge refresh concept, which was designed by Larne supporter and volunteer Andrew Neill, retains many of the elements of the well loved old badge packaged in a sharp new circular shape. As part of the design process, Larne Football Club consulted with prominent supporters, who enthusiastically approved of the refresh of the club logo.

Our identity is fundamental to our badge design. We Are Larne and we are proud of that. The name of our town and our club is displayed proudly and more prominently in our badge update.

Larne is a harbour town and the industry generated around that has sustained the town for generations. This is why the ship is the key feature in the middle of our badge, now set on waves to emphasise our town’s seafaring heritage. We have also retained the same ship design from the old badge to keep some continuity between the old and the new.

Speaking about the badge update, Kenny Bruce said: “It is especially relevant in this, our 130th anniversary, the year of 1889 will become a permanent feature on the updated badge.

“Whilst our club has grown rapidly over the last two years, our club is also steeped in tradition as one of the country’s oldest clubs. We are looking forward with anticipation and enthusiasm, but we also keep our proud history and the contributions of everyone who has made the club what it is firmly in our minds.

"The refresh of our club logo also marks greater unity throughout our club. We are delighted to confirm that every single Larne Football Club team from the men’s and women’s first teams, right down to our youngest Youth teams will all play under exactly the same badge. One badge for one club; we are all in it together.”

Our new logo will appear around a newly rebranded Inver Park. It will also be proudly carried on all Larne Football Club kits and training wear for men’s, women’s and youth teams from this summer.

Commenting on the update, one of our Supporter Liaison Officers, Richard Todd added: “I think it's very important that the club have retained all the emblems from the previous design.

“There’s nothing added to this modern design, and I think it looks fantastic overall.

“Hopefully the supporters will embrace this modernisation as another example of the club moving forward and I believe this new look badge will enhance the club's already popular merchandise range.”

We hope our refreshed badge heralds an exciting and successful period for our club and town.