Julianne Herrity (22)


Emily Wilson (04)



Emily Wilson opened the scoring for the visitors as early as the fourth minute when he connected with a Julie Nelson free-kick before tapping the ball past Niamh Mailey.

Sion levelled on 22 minutes later after a superb ball in by Geny Decker was pounced upon by Julianne Herrity who headed the ball over 'keeper Kirsty McCaughtry into the net.

The second half provided an excellent display of football for the crowd as Sion pressed Crusaders hard for the three points they needed. 

Nelson came close with a free-kick skimming the cross bar but Sion continued to create chance after chance with skipper Kendra McMullan leading the charge. 

Sion Swifts Ladies: Mailey, Brogan, Connor, Crompton, Hyndman, Toland, McMullan, McGlynn, Herrity, Carr, Decker subs Carlin (replaced McGlynn 74), O'Donnell (not used), McKeever (not used), McGlade (replaced Decker 79), Barr (not used)

Crusaders Strikers: McCaughtry, Armour, Nelson, Wright, McNeill, McGivern, Moore, H. Mearns, McDowell, Connolly, Wilson subs Murphy (not used), Doak (replaced McDowell 61), Robinson (not used)

Referee: Victoria Finlay