NIFL want to support members and their personnel to ensure high levels of quality within clubs and to encourage development and sustainability. This will be available through direct contact with our Club Development Manager and/or training opportunities. 

Below are typical workshops available throughout the year  

Social Media workshop
A practical session designed to help you make the most of your social and digital channels. The focus will be on strengthening your relationship with existing supporters and using digital channels to reach a wider audience and increase ticket sales.

PR & Crisis Management workshop
An insight into how to use PR to maximum effect to promote a positive image of your club and your team. This workshop will help you identify PR opportunities, make the most of your local media, and will provide you with a checklist of how to handle or avert a PR crisis.

Supporting shared learning through a range of expert guest speakers, best practice examples and exchange visits.

Anti-Doping Workshop
NIFL has developed an Anti-Doping workshop to increase awareness and offer practical tips and guidance for players, management and support personnel. This 30 minute workshop can be delivered on training nights at clubs.

First Aid
Emergency First Aid Sport offered to clubs to satisfy Club Licencing criteria. 

Steward Training
Match day Stewards play an important role in the safety of NIFL games. To support clubs we are working in partnership with Sport NI and the IFA to provide training to club volunteers.

For further information please contact:

Development Manager
Steven Mills
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.