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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file used to allow a website to remember you as you move between pages of a website (a session cookie) or when you return to a website you have previously visited (a persistent cookie). Cookies are used to perform lots of different tasks such as storing your preferences, remembering what is in your shopping basket and improving your experience of a website. When a website doesn't use cookies it will not recognise you and treat you as a new user each time you visit and between pages - for example when you want to visit the checkout from your shopping basket without cookies the website won't be able to 'remember' what you had in your basket.

Cookies may be set by the website you are visiting (‘first party cookies’) or they may be set by other websites who run content on the page you are viewing (‘third party cookies’).

Cookies are unique to your web browser, they are simple text files and typically contain a unique identifier and some text or numbers which allow a website to remember you. Cookies cannot change settings on your computer or pass on any malware or viruses, they can only store plain text.

Why does this website use cookies?

Cookies are used on this website to optimise content based on analysis of which pages are visited, search terms are used and which pages are popular. This data helps to improve the content and information provided to visitors. Cookies on this website are never used to collect any personal or payment information.

What to do if you do not want cookies to be set?

Some people find the concept of a website storing information about them on their computer intrusive, especially when this information is stored and used by a third party without their knowledge. While this is normally harmless, for example when gathering analytics data, you may not wish to see tailored advertising for example. It is possible, if you prefer to block some or all cookies, how to achieve this will vary depending on the web browser you are using. Typically you can control how your browser handles cookies by accessing the Help function on your browser. For more detailed information about cookies please visit