12 Jun 2020

The NI Football League can provide the following update on the conclusion of the 2019/2020 season.

The NI Football League are aware that the UEFA ExCo are meeting on Wednesday 17 June and would anticipate that meeting will fully inform the process and dates of all UEFA club competitions following this meeting. This will enable the NIFL Board to make decisions based on fact rather than speculation. The NIFL Board have written to the IFA to enable them to send an update to UEFA ahead of this meeting.

The representatives of the Premiership clubs met yesterday (Thursday) and have advised they wish to continue to consult collectively on a way forward. The NIFL Board are agreeable to giving clubs further space to formulate their plans ahead of a Premiership Management Committee once information from UEFA is available.

This time will allow for further dialogue with the Irish FA and NI Executive on a return to football and consequently we have agreed to defer today's proposed deadline for final Premiership club response until a later date.

In addition, submissions have now been received from all Championship and Premier Intermediate League clubs and will now be considered by the NIFL Board.